New Nessi shoes collection

New collection
spring / summer 2020

New Nessi collection


Once again, the Polish footwear brand NESSI enters the summer season boldly and with a dump, presenting the collection, containing the entire palette of colors, cuts and materials.

The upcoming collection, however, gives you unlimited possibilities for self-expression. In addition to the iconic moccasins in all colors of the rainbow and sandals on the imperceptible while wearing heels, NESSI surprises with new models, maintained in a fashion style at a global level. Expressive sneakers or suede cowboy boots are just a few of the brand’s new proposals. In addition, juicy colors, bold prints and styles are associated with everything that is best in the summer. Colorful, frivolous fringes, stones reflecting the sun’s rays, floral and animal prints will let you bring the holiday mood and spring wind to every, even the most ordinary day.



in the collection

Casual Trends

Classic black will match any styling.



for your choice

Classic Mood

The classic collection is dominated by boots, boots, and low-heeled shoes.

Beautifully contoured heels, the best materials, fashionable details and colors make every woman find models in her collection. Classic black will match any styling. However, stunning red or olive boots with every look will make it extremely stylish. The previous autumn will also include Nessi’s beloved moccasins, available in every possible color. It is allowed to combine predatory suede, leather and decorative heels, classic black and red, and burgundy and greenery, which reign in the trends for this season. Combining the classics with modern design, sometimes even extravagance is the trademark of the brand.

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