Tatuum x Nessi Collection

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Naturalness, warmth, passion, smile, comfort and good emotions. The whole is closed in beautiful forms and the best materials. These are the common features of two Polish brands – shoe brand Nessi and fashion Tatuum, which decided to create a common line of shoes. We all know that beautiful and comfortable footwear is the foundation of our everyday, enjoyable day, just like beautiful and comfortable clothes. Together, we have the whole ideal.

In the collection signed with the Tatuum x Nessi logo, stylish boots, boots and leather Jodhpur boots are available. All models in matching colors perfectly with the latest Tatuum collection. Suede boots in gray and navy blue on a perfectly profiled post will be perfect for warm sweaters or flimsy dresses. The most convenient in the world, leather shoes in the colors of brown, green and grant is a proposal that will not only suit any type of pants, but above all, thanks to the original colors, enliven our designs. The entire collection is closed with black, classic boots on a thicker sole and a low post. All three proposals from the Tatuum x Nessi collection are color variations perfectly matching the brand’s collection of clothes. On the one hand, classic, thanks to their form and the best materials, on the other hand, original and unique, thanks to the colors chosen for this collection.

Above all, however, the shoes are refined in the smallest details so as not to limit any woman. Created only with the best Italian leather and perfectly contoured soles. Plus Polish production, global design and sensational prices. For over 12 years, Nessi has been creating an offer for women who value beauty, but above all, quality and convenience – no wonder it is one of the most-loved footwear brands in Poland. Like the Tatuum brand, which always puts the classics, quality, convenience and naturalness first. The opinions of thousands of satisfied clients of both brands speak for themselves.

The collection is signed with the Tatuum x Nessi logo available in Tatuum land stores and online store at

Model TA01- size 36-40, upper part of the upper genuine velor leather, heel about 9cm, lining-material, lining-material, sole – high-quality material.
Model TA02- sizes 36-41, upper part of upper – natural leather, heel ok2cm, lining + lining-material, sole – high-quality material.
Model TA04- size 36-40, upper part of the upper – natural grain leather, heel approx. 6 cm, lining + lining-material, sole – high-quality material.